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Below is a list of Antique Dolls which includes Bisque, China Heads, Composition, Hard Plastics as well as others.

Aloma's Antiques

Use the Email Link for more info and/or photos of your favorites. Check Back Often as I have many more dolls to list.  The dolls with a "C" prefix are from two different adult collector's estates.  Many more to come!

Current Antique & Collectable Dolls

Items Listed in Numerical Order.
Any Missing Numbers Have Already Been Sold.
We are continuously updating this list so check back often.
Last updated 09/08/2015

A47. Blonde China head. Butterfly hair style. Head made in Germany circa 1880. Excellent replaced body about 40 years old. Rust colored boots with tassels. Very nice black and tan tiny check dress. She is 19 in. tall.                                                                      $279.00

A50. Bye Lo Baby. 10 in. Circ., About 12 inches long. By Grace S. Putnam. Head made by Kestner. Marked head and body. Original Long dress. Lace and Ribbon trim. Blue Sleep eyes. Celluloid hands. Three fingers glued.                                                                    $449.00

A66. Cuno and Otto Dressel. Made in Germany 1912. Blue sleep eyes. French HH long blonde curl wig. Nice Compo BJ body. Two glued fingers. Custom dressed in two toned brown rayon jacket style dress with turquoise double pleated skirt. Lace trim and bonnet to match. 22 in.           $439.00


A119.  Black hair low brow china head by Hertwig Germany.  Original cloth body with patches.  China limbs.  Redressed in vintage fabric.  14 in. tall.  Apple cheeks.          $159.00


A124.  Black hair china head.  Germany circa 1880.  High brow style on original handmade body.  Big arms with stitched fingers.  Shows wear.  Pin prick on nose. 22 in. tall.  Redressed in vintage green dress with lace trim.                                                   $249.00


A133.  Blonde low brow china by Hertwig and Co.  circa 1880 Germany.  Replaced body about 30 years old.  12 in. tall.  Dressed in older red print cotton dress.               $145.00


A143.  Black hair China by Hertwig.  Fat apple cheeks.  Original cloth body with china arms and very fat china legs.  Two tiny pit marks on her face, but still a very beautiful doll.  She has her old lace trimmed underwear and a black taffeta pleated at hem skirt with a burgundy pin dot taffeta blouse with black trim.  18 in. tall.                          $279.00


A150.  Tinted bisque blonde molded and painted curly hair.  Side part with bangs.  Painted blue eyes.  Original cloth body with stone bisque limbs. Marked Germany.  Circa 1890. Nicely redressed in pale green organdy.  Lace trimmed.  8 in. tall. Excellent little doll.                              $115.00


A151. Bye Lo Baby by Grace Storey Putnam.  Germany circa 1923.  Sleep blue eyes. Original frog body.  Celluloid hands.  2 broken fingers on one hand.  Dressed in very long white cotton Christening dress and slip.  Few worn spots on dress.  Over 13 1/2 in. circumference.  About 16 in. long. 

Beautiful baby.                                      $549.00


A152.  Bye Lo Baby by Grace Storey Putnam.  Germany circa 1923Original frog body with 2 broken fingers.  Dressed in long white cotton Christening dress and slip.  13 inch circumference.  About 16 in. long.                                 $449.00


A192.  CM Bergman #1916 made in Germany.  Sleep blue eyes with lashes.  Original dark brown mohair wig.  Composition B.J. body. Dressed in a light blue jacket style dress with pleated skirt.  Vintage lace trimmed.  Old shoes.  19 1/2 in. tall.  2 broken fingers.  $395.00


A207.  Black hair china head by Hertwig and Co.  On original body.  11 in. tall.  Excellent condition                                       $159.00


A213.  JD Kestner #154.  Made in Germany.  Sleep eyes. Kid body. Original wig.  Old dress and shoes.  Replaced underwear.  Circa 1890.  21 inches tall.           $359.00


B38. China head. Black hair low brow turned head. Replaced body with leather hands. Dress is made of old materials.    23 in. tall                                         $235.00 

B41. Black Low brow China with replaced body and clothes. 13 in. Very Sweet Face  $79.00

B47. Parian type Blonde Flat top sausage curls, circa 1880. Redressed. 10 in.       $149.00

B51. Blond low brow
China Head circa 1890. Made by Hertwig & Co. Germany
. Replaced body is about 30 years old. Nicely dressed green print. 17 in.                               $195.00

B65. Low brow, black hair China, circa 1890. Head and limbs are old, muslin part of body replaced. Very nice painting. She is redressed in red cotton. 12 1/2 in.
Germany.      $149.00

B154.  CM Bergmann #1916 Made by Simon Halbig.  Germany.  Sleep Eyes.  2 broken fingers.  19 1/2 inches.  $359.00

B169  Simon Halbig/Heinrich Handwerck Bisque.  Made in Germany.  Circa 1890.  She has brown sleep eyes & a handmade mohair wig that cost $55.00. She has a very good composition ball jointed body. 25" tall. Dressed in a vintage handmade dress & slip with lace trimmed underwear. A brown velvet lace trimmed hat & brown ribbons. Ecru shoes & socks. No chips or cracks. She is marked on the back of her head: Simon Halbig/Heinrich Handwerck Germany.  No mold number.          25 in. tall.                    $699.00


B179 AM 390 Made in Germany. Beautifully redressed, but has original clothes which will come with her.  Set eyes.  Original Wig.  Nice compo BJ body.                                                     $425.00


B180   Bisque Boy with molded cap.  Circa 1880’s.  Carved wooden hands.  Cloth Body.  He is marked on shoulder plate.  Reg. 656780 English make.  11 in. tall.                                     $139.00

C3.  Flat Top Black haired China Head.  21" tall.  Decorated bust.  As is.   Head appears to have some repair.                                             $189.00


C4.  ABG Blk Hair China with leather hands and feet.  21 1/2" tall.  Floral print dress and old underwear.  Nice Old doll.                     $349.00


C6.  Blond Butterfly China head.  4" tall. Just the head.  Some wear, but nice head.   #136 on it.  $49.00


C7.  Low Brow black hair China head.  5" tall.  Just the head.  Good condition.  $39.00


C9.  Hertel, Schwab & Co.  Circa 1920. 24" tall.  B & J Compo Body.  Dark blue stationery eyes.  Original blue check dress with drop waist.  Original mohair wig.  Older replaced shoes and cotton socks.                                             $595.00


C10.  Gans and Seyfarth.  21" tall.  Very good B & J compo body, signed Vernon Seeley from the 1970's.  Some paint wear on the body, otherwise very good.  Sleep blue eyes, reddish fur eyelashes, replaced wavy long auburn wig.  Tiny white spot on cheek.  Very nice old clothes including dotted swiss dress.  Newer socks and shoes.                     $389.00


C14.  Blond China head with decorated bodice & name "Ester".  Made in Germany.  16" tall.  Ester was made in Germany by the Hertwig Manufacturing Co. circa 1890's.  Marked Pat. applied for. Germany on her shoulder plate in back.  Painting is excellent.  No chips or cracks.  Her body is about 40 years old.   Firmly stuffed cloth with china limbs.  "Ester" is one of the harder to find dolls in the "name series".  Lovely hand made vintage dress.  $179.00


C21.  Hand carved wooden lady doll, circa 1870.  15" tall.  Carved in the china head style with a Jenny Lind hair style.  Has wooden spoon type hands  wooden legs with carved shoes with chunky heels.  A firmly stuffed cloth body.  She has been nicely redressed at some point.  Paint rubs on her hair.  No other damage.  Has a note pinned on her slip that says carved in Bohemia.  Old.  $289.00


C22.  Civil War period China head with 3 sew holes on her shoulder plate.  Black hair.  1870's.  Old body that has been recovered sometime in the past.  Old china legs with orange boots.  Some paint wear on boots.  Arms may be replaced.  Front shoulder plate has small chip.  A few paint rubs on back of head.  Nice vintage clothes.  An affordable piece of history!      $139.00


C23.  Flat top china circa 1880-1890 by Hertwig Germany.  11 1/4" inches tall.  Nice painting.  No chips or cracks.  Flat feet.  Have some paint rubs.  Nicely redressed.    $89.00


C25.  Name doll "Bertha" china head by Hertwig Germany 1890-1900.  Bertha was one of the name dolls manufactured by the Hertwig Co.   in Germany.  Has her name molded & painted in gold on the breast plate.  13"  tall.  Body is about 40 years old. Was done by a lady who ran a doll hospital from the 40's through the 70's.  Beautiful deep green vintage clothes.  $189.99


C31.  Patsy Baby by Effanbee Doll Co.  Circa 1930.  She is in very good condition with no cracking and just faint crazing.  Nicely redressed.  11" tall.  Lambs wool wig that has a few thin spots.  $175.00


C36.  Greiner Blonde Lady doll with original label on shoulder plate.  1858.  18" tall.  Made by Ludwig Greiner in Philadelphia, PA.  Original cloth body with leather arms.  One has been repaired  the other is fragile.  Her label on the back of her shoulder says "Greiner's" patent Doll Heads No. 4 Pat. March 30, '58 ext. '72.  Her head is papier mache.  Has a few minor chips.  Orig. underwear & stockings.  $329.00


C37.  Ginny Walker by Vogue Doll Co.  1955.  Molded lashes, caracul wig.  Excellent color.  Nicely redressed.  original socks.  Replaced shoes.  Head doesn't always turn when legs are moved.  8" tall.  $89.00


C42.  Catherine Howard doll by Peggy Nesbit.  Made in England in the 1960's.  8" tall.  Howard with one of Henry VIII's wives. Was Queen of England from 1540 - 1541 when she was beheaded.  Mint with no box.  Never played with.    $39.99


C48.  Unmarked Composition Shirley Temple look a like.  Circa 1930's.  Her compo is nice.  No chips or cracks.  Her eyes have crystallized.  Lashes are all there.  Original blonde mohair wig.  Nice handmade clothes.  20" tall.     $199.99


C50.  Beautiful 6" bisque girl with blue sleep eyes by Otto Reinecke.  Made in Bavaria, Germany circa 1910.  She also has a mold #23 on her head.  Has her original very long human hair wig that is in braids, open mouth with upper teeth.  Molded and painted stockings with red tops.  Black Mary Jane type shoes.  Perfect 5 pc. compo body.  Hand crocheted dress, panties & hat.    $229.99


C52.  Toni P92 by Ideal Toy Co.  1950 hard plastic 19" tall.  Long red hair that is thin in spots, but still quite nice.  Her eyes have a green cast to them.  Lashes all there.  Her coloring is excellent.  She has been redressed in a handmade dress & undies.  Rayon socks & black leather shoes.  Her body is very nice with tight stringing.  The P92 mold is not all that plentiful.    $79.99


C55.  Blonde "Dotter" China head on original Goldsmith body.  Made in Germany.  22" tall. Beautiful blonde china head.  Marked on shoulder plate 6 Pat. Dec. 7/80.  Corset body is also stamped 6 on back and patented Dec. 7, 1880 on front of body.  She has the red corset & red stripe stocking legs with black leather boots that have some wear.  Beautiful original clothes.  She has leather hands with stitched fingers.  Arms have been sewn up and could have been done better.  Her painting is flawless.                               $550.00


C57.  Compo girl by Jessie McCutcheon Raleigh circa 1916-1920.  These dolls were only made for 4 years.  Very desirable.  The artist was known for her realistic child molds.  This one's arms and legs look like a real child's.  Heavy compo with no chips or cracks. Painted blue eyes and open/closed mouth with 4 teeth.  Org. Human hair wig is thin on top but could be combed over better.  Has one long braid.  Clothes may be original.  Replaced shoes.  $399.99


C58.  Black hair china head doll.  Original body circa 1880.  Marked 11 - 10.  Made in Germany, probably by Hertwig & Co.  Over 17" tall.  Her head has a few paint rubs& she has a black speck on her right forehead and another tiny speck on her nose.  Her painting is lovely.  Her original body was recovered many years ago.  There are no chips or cracks.  Her lovely handmade silk dress is very fragile & melting.  You are buying her as is.                                    $99.99


C61.  Blonde China head marked #1086 on shoulder plate by Alt, Beck & Gottschalck.  Made in Theiringer, Germany circa 1880.  She has excellent painting with no chips or cracks.  A tiny white spot on one cheek about size of a pin head.  She has a handmade cloth body with kid leather hands.  Wonderful handmade clothing.  She is 18 1/2" tall.                                                                             $299.99


C62.  Alt, Beck & Gottschalck bisque shoulder head marked #1288.  Made in Germany circa 1880.  She is 19" tall.  She has an unbelievable beautiful head.  First out of the mold quality.  Very deeply molded & painted blonde hair, painted blue eyes & closed mouth.  She has a turned head.  Marked on her shoulder #1288 mold number.  Her firmly stuffed cloth body with bisque limb is about 40 - 50 years old.  She has flat feet with gold strap sandals.  Beautiful handmade clothes.                                          $349.99


C63.  Lovely tinted bisque with repaired shoulder.  Made in Germany, circa 1890.  18 1/2" tall.  Beautiful lady doll with molded & painted blonde hair.  Painted blue eyes & closed mouth.  She is marked #176 on her shoulder plate.  Probably made by Hertle Schwab in Germany.  She has had repair on her shoulder and there are some cracks under her chin and on her neck with a couple of chips.  She has a kidlyn pin joint body that is good.  A beautiful handmade velvet & lace dress.  Handmade pantaloons, lace stockings, & kid leather shoes.  She is still a beautiful doll.  Buying her as is.                                                                            $79.99

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A50 ByeLo Baby


Teddy Rose by Steiff ~ 1st Reissue ~ Cert & Box
Mint Condition ~ Gorgeous soft pink bear ~ $299

Black Steiff Bear ~ Limited Edition
Comes with Certificate & Box ~ Mint $299.00

Whie Steiff Bear from Germany with Box
Mint Condition ~ $125

Bye Lo Baby By Grace Storey Putnam ~ A151
13 1/2 Circ. 16 in. long

A151 ByeLo Closeup

A152 ~ Closeup

B169 Simon Halbig

B180 English Bisque Boy ~ Circa 1880's
Carved wood hands, molded cap. $139.00

1880's Flat Top China

C4 ABG Blk Hair China ~ Floral Dress 21 1/2" Tall
Leather Hands & Feet. $349.00

C4 Body


Below are photos of some of my dolls. 

1950's Goebel Hummel
Wanderer Doll #1607 NRFB $99

Heubach Toddler Boy 9" Doll ~ Germany

1934 21" Tall Shirley Temple Composition Doll
$275.00 ~ Very nice doll!

C18 Blonde ABG China Head

C29 Hand Carved Wooden Ethnic Doll ~ 8" Tall

C9 Hertel, Schwab & Co. 24" Tall ~ Circa 1910
Org. Dress B & J. Compo Body Mohair Wig $595

C11 C & S

C11 C & S head ~ Vernon Seeley body

A213 JD Kestner #154 Made in Germany
Circa 1890 $359.00

A213 JD Kestner #154

B154 CM Bergmann Close UP

B154 CM Bergmann by Simon Halbig
Made in Germany $359.00

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